TOSLINK Switch for gscartsw_lite

I designed this board to fit over 2 of the screw posts on the gscartsw_lite, and be connected by an 8 pin header cable (working on an easy way to make this). This will listen to the gscartsw_lite and switch to the input that it is on.

Untested, but I may try to build a few soon.






I’ll be finishing all open orders this weekend. I have parts for one more GCDual component cable, after that I will need to order boards and capacitors so after the last one is gone the next order will take a few weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Order Delays

Hello everyone! I’m very busy with Vacation Bible School preparations at the moment, so please understand that any orders will have a longer than usual lead time. I hope to get caught up with everything the last week in June when I will have some time available. I appreciate your patience and let me know if you need any more information

SCART to RCA Board

I’m working on a simple SCART to RCA board. This should be useful to connect SCART cables to BNC with RCA cables and cheap RCA to BNC adapters. Once I test this working I’ll post the kicad files on GitHub and share the oshpark project. I’m hoping to use this same form factor for BNC/RCA to SCART output versions with a resistor on the sync line, a version with a sync stripper, and even things like SCART to VGA. I’ll add a page to the project logs section soon detailing my thought process and how I made the board.

SCART Heads for Thicc Cables

I did a test fit and found that the metal SCART heads from Kabeldirekt cables fit the Thicc Cable without any modifications, so I can use these on any custom cables if you’d prefer, for a slight upcharge. More info on the tricks page.

Multicore All the Way

As I’m targeting made to order cables and trying to achieve the highest possible quality, and in accordance with some advice I received, going forward all custom cables will be multicore coax unless the complexity of the order makes this impossible or you specifically request I use regular shielded. This would put most cables in the $30+ range depending on length and complexity, but I think that most people looking for a custom cable would want this, and it also adds some futureproofing. My current multicore is rated to something like 86 feet so if you’re running cable to a projector at the back of the room this would be perfect. I’m doing some experimenting with larger SCART heads to see if this will work. Hit me up if you have any ideas for a one of a kind cable.