Cable Too Thicc

I am currently redesigning the cable for the SSDS3, as the 9 pin din connector was too large. I’s going to try to use some “Old Skool” cables for this purpose.

As anyone who has looked into making their own cables has quickly found out, sourcing individually shielded RGB cables (aka mini coax) is difficult, especially in the US and at a reasonably diameter (just ask retro-access who had to get custom cable from Italy). There are 500′ spools on eBay for $400… might be a while before I can afford that.

So in the future I will probably just be using shielded cable, which should be acceptable for short cables and c-sync (doesn’t apply to SCART to BNC cables). I don’t want to make a ton of cables (retro-access and retrogamingcables have got that covered), so I probably won’t have to worry much.

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