Extron Emotia PSU

The extron emotia line is a great device, as some of its models have the ability to downscale progressive scan content (480p+) to 240p! This can be great for those who want to play with real scanlines or on monitors that don’t support 480p. Check out RetroRGB’s page for more information.

However, they are often sold without power supplies, or the power supplies cost as much as the device itself. The device requires +5V, +12V, and -12V. Conveniently these are all available on a standard PC power supply, which are cheap and plentiful. I am in the process of testing one of these that I made with a female DIN port and a male to male 5 pin DIN cable to plug into the Emotia to clean things up. If it works out I will put up a page where you can commission me to make one, for much less than you can but an official one. These devices deserve to be used!

Update: be careful if you decide to make one of these. I haven’t been able to nail down the correct pinout and it’s possible to kill your emotia.


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