MiSTer Add-on Presale/order

I successfully built the first I/O board, and am working on building out the first set. In order to fund future orders, I’m going to open up preorders for the XS RAM and 5.5 IO boards.

Here’s how it will work. I’ll take preorders, but your payment won’t be charged. Just add the items to your cart and checkout. I will then capture payments for 10-15 orders at a time, order parts, build, test, ship, then start over again. I’ll be able to increase the amount of orders at a time as I get supplies like stencils in.

The preorders will be open to the members of the Smokemonster Discord for a few hours, then open to the general public this evening at 6 PM EST. I’ll make another blog post when this happens.

Depending on how the XS RAM builds go, I might switch to the vertical version. This adds a little bit of height, but if I switch to this I’ll make it cheaper due to the saved time.

Feel free to cancel your order any time before I capture payments, I will try to send out emails in advance before this happens. I’m not sure if Shopify has this built in, but if not just email me with the contact form and I will cancel it for you. If you’d like to cancel after I capture your payment, let me know and I will refund you.

I will accept returns/exchanges up to 2 weeks after you receive the board, just pay return shipping, no questions asked.

I will work through these as quickly as I can, but expect a lead time of 2 weeks after I capture your payment. I’ll update if I can reduce this time or if something comes up. If you have any questions, use the contact form or hit me up on Twitter (@tinkerplunk).

Go to tinkerplunk.myshopify.com to order (currently locked).

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