MiSTer Add-ons Presale/orders Open

Go to tinkerplunk.myshopify.com, add the items to your cart, and checkout.

Use code 5OFF to get $5 off orders over $50.

IO board is fully populated and includes a heatsink for the nano, currently does not include fan. Any 2 pin 5v 40mm fan will work. I’m working on sourcing some fans and will have them as a separate item as some users will want to splurge on the fan and get a noctua or similar.

Refer to the MiSTer Github for more information about the boards.

I will capture payments for the first 10-15 orders so that I can purchase boards. Everyone after that will have their payment authorized but not charged. I will charge when I am ready to place the next order and will post the order numbers I am about to charge at least 24 hours in advance, both here and on Twitter.

Cancel at any time, just let me know. Eta will be 2 weeks for the first few orders, and 4 weeks or more after that.

Returns/exchanges just pay return shipping, no questions asked.

Direct any questions to me via the contact page or by message on Twitter @tinkerplunk.


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