To All My Fans

I’m working on buying a lot of 100 fans, so I’ll include them with the IO boards. I tested out a 12V fan and these have the benefit over 5V fans by running slowly – the MiSTer only needs a slow airflow over the heatsink to cool it off, making 12V fans a great choice for noise consideration. Many 5V fan users need to add a resistor to slow down the fan to silent levels; a 12V fan eliminates the need for this. With a heatsink the nano doesn’t need much airflow anyways. If you’d like you can swap out the fan for a nicer one like a Noctua if you feel like splurging.

I hacked together a tool that should make it easier to place components on solder paste, all for the low price of $0:

Progressing well, I will continue to update as things change.

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