Parts Arriving

Parts for the first 50 orders are due to arrive today. I hope to make some good headway this weekend and I will keep everyone updated how it goes.

Here is a picture of the first order to go out from my prototype run. Includes a 1.1 XS SDRAM board and 5.5 IO board, along with a heat sink for the DE-10 Nano and a jumper to put voltage on pin 9 of the VGA port.


In this picture the fan is on upside down. In order for the air to flow onto the nano, the blades will be facing up, but the speed is pretty slow so it shouldn’t be able to hurt anything. You can add a cool 3d printed fan grille if you’d like to cover it up.

The bags for the extra parts and IO boards will be different, but everything else pictured here is what you should expect in the final product.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I will get these out as quickly as I can.

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