Well Hello There

I haven’t updated this space in a while but I’ve been posting updates on Twitter @tinkerplunk for more regular updates. All MiSTer orders were shipped at the end of May, thank you everyone for your patience in getting through the backlog. Currently I’m spending my time developing new boards and adapters. I’ve got a new shop set up on tindie where you can find the headphone jack versions of the extron audio adapters designed by dbelectronics. I’m working on adding more stuff in the future. Thanks for everyone’s support!


2019 Forecast

Hello, thanks everyone for your patience. At the beginning of December I thought I would have time to get some things squared away, but I ended up having less free time than ever. With the holiday season coming to a close, things should be returning to normal soon.

This week I’m making a concentrated effort to make my workspace less of a fire hazard (lots to clean up) and take care of all of the odds and ends I have pending, then starting next week return to regular production of about 12 orders per week.

I apologize for the long delay; fortunately several other sellers have begun producing boards; I can personally vouch for porkchop express (http://www.misteraddons.com) and zerohimself (https://www.etsy.com/shop/zerohimself) for add-ons, and HugoCraft (https://www.etsy.com/shop/HugoCraft) for 3d printed fan plates.

I have enough parts to make a couple dozen extra IO and RAM boards once all open orders are completed, and after that I have no plans to make more MiSTer boards or take more pre-orders. I’m hoping to spend my free time learning, chiefly electronics basics, 3d modeling and printing, and refining my PCB design technique, as well as doing console mods/repairs.

Again, I appreciate everyone’s patience, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


7 more IO kits Available, QR Codes

I have 7 more kits available here. Work is progressing well with open orders and I’m keeping up with my ETAs. This is the last of the IO kits for now; the rest of the parts I will save to complete orders and then sell the rest assembled. I will have 10 more SDRAM kits sometime later this week.

I included QR codes on the package inserts, but if those aren’t working for you, here are the links:

Preassembled IO

Preassembled SDRAM

IO Kit


XS SDRAM Kits Now Available

I have 8 XS SDRAM kits available. These include the PCB, RAM, capacitors, and pin headers needed to make your own.

Order here, $14.

I also have some nice Kester 959T no-clean flux available here. US shipping only.

Install instruction are here. Be advised that this is pretty fine pitch soldering so experience is required. I also recommend placing the board into the DE10-nano before soldering on the 3 pin P2 connector to get correct placement.

I/O Board Kits

I have 8 complete kits for the I/O board available here. These include all parts needed to build your own IO board, for $18. I will be posting a guide shortly to help out with some of the trickier bits. If you’ve assembled PCBs before this should be easy enough, but if you don’t have much soldering experience I suggest finding a modder to assemble this for you (I can ship direct to them if you put in their address, talk to them first) or look for a pre-assembled board from another seller.

RAM kits coming soon!

Ongoing Availability

I’m still hard at work producing boards for current orders. I am getting occasional emails about future orders and I’m sorry for not responding to all of them. I’ll try to lay out my plans as best as I see them.

Future Preorders

I have ordered extra parts so I will try to build these boards out and sell them rather than doing another preorder. I will also use these parts to sell kits. Assembling kits is not nearly as time consuming as assembling the boards, but these kits will be for advanced users and recommended assemblers only. It takes way too long to label everything so I’m relying on the markings on the resistors and differences in quantity and packaging for you to be able to tell the capacitors apart.

Other Sellers

René Richards of db-electronics.ca is working on having some vertical RAM boards professionally manufactured, and there is someone in Mexico working on a run of 50 (not sure what configuration). The sellers thread lists other sellers, so look there if you need a board.

Looking Ahead

The landscape of these add-on boards will probably change a lot in the coming months, so I probably won’t be taking any more large scale orders until we see if a redesign comes. If there is still demand I may do small pre-orders of 10-20. However, it looks like RAM will become increasingly available, and I encourage everyone to check out Smokemonster’s video on the topic of using the MiSTer without the IO board.

Order ETAs

Thank you everyone for your patience. I’m working hard on optimizing the build process to get these out faster. Orders #1004 -1010 should expect to be sent out next week. With the year coming to a close I am not finding as much time to build these as I’d like, but I’m trying my best. I expect to finish all orders before then end of the year as I have some time off of work in December.

Orders #1011-1025 ETA 2-3 weeks

Orders #1026-1050 ETA 3-4 weeks (end of November)

Orders #1051-1075 ETA 4-5 weeks

Orders #1076-all end of year


Assembly Video

Here’s a video of me assembling one of the IO boards. I hope to speed this up once I get the skillet setup, but this is how I’ve been doing it so far:

Parts Arriving

Parts for the first 50 orders are due to arrive today. I hope to make some good headway this weekend and I will keep everyone updated how it goes.

Here is a picture of the first order to go out from my prototype run. Includes a 1.1 XS SDRAM board and 5.5 IO board, along with a heat sink for the DE-10 Nano and a jumper to put voltage on pin 9 of the VGA port.


In this picture the fan is on upside down. In order for the air to flow onto the nano, the blades will be facing up, but the speed is pretty slow so it shouldn’t be able to hurt anything. You can add a cool 3d printed fan grille if you’d like to cover it up.

The bags for the extra parts and IO boards will be different, but everything else pictured here is what you should expect in the final product.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I will get these out as quickly as I can.

Payments Captured, Discounts later today

All payments have now been captured. Several people messaged me saying they had forgotten to put in their discount codes. I’m going to issue partial refunds to those people today. Just use the contact form or message me @tinkerplunk on Twitter if you forgot the code and I’ll do the same for you. Just let me know the code you want applied and your order number. Thanks!