Gamecube Component Cables

Calm Down

Don’t get too excited, these aren’t replacement component cables. These are Component cables made specifically for use with citrus3000psi’s GCDual mod for Gamecube (which I can install for you – however as long as citrus3000psi is offering installs you’ll get a much quicker turnaround going through him). These cables are also the brainchild of citrus3000psi, and use standard component cables, Nintendo multiout connectors from HD Retrovision, and a custom pcb he designed.

After some tinkering, I think the HD Retrovision cables are too thick to use for this application. I made a set, but I’m not happy with the strain relief. They work great and if anyone wants them I’ll sell them at a discount.

I made another set using some PS2 component cables and they turned out great:


Jumpers can be set on composite video, luma, or chroma depending on your configuration so that it will automatically switch to YPbPr from RGB when this cable is plugged in. The pictured cable will need to have the connector glued shut, but I have left it open in the event that a jumper needs to be set, after which I will seal it.

I have this one available for $30 and can make more on demand. Order here: