IO Board

Source and more info at the GitHub Repo.

Board – PCBWAY

IO LCSC BOM – for 10 Boards

*Note* this part: Boom Precision Elec VGA-002

is a cheaper VGA port that might not fit that I included for a test fit. *Edit: it fits but is now out of stock.

There were two parts I couldn’t find on LCSC, stackable arduino headers, and USB 3.0 jacks:

headers available on Aliexpress.

3.0 jacks on Aliexpress: 5 pieces and 20 pieces.

*Edit: I found the USB jacks, check the combined bom on the parent MiSTer addon page for part numbers. I also substituted in long male headers for the stackable headers.

There are a few 2.54mm male headers on the board and a jumper you can use to provide power to the external LEDs or direct power to some of the VGA pins. Use these only if you know what you’re doing as you can short power to ground.

The reference designators on the github pages are fine for the SDRAM, but has not yet been updated for 5.5. Here are the notable changes:

Added J4, USB3 jack that connects to serial pins.

U1 Toslink connector removed (replaced by I2S)

P# power header removed

Added 7 resistors:

R32: 200Ω 0805

R33-38 (6): 100Ω 0805

Any 40mmx40mm 5V (probably 12V too *edit: confirmed working) fan with 2 pin header (or adapter) will work. There is also a vendor selling a heatsink and fan (with no connector) specifically for this board.