Orders Closed

I’ve reached the cap for SDRAM! Now it’s time to get to work. I’ll post updates frequently. Thanks!!!

IO orders closed, a few SDRAM left, planning kits.

I’ve reached the cap on IO boards. Totally amazed. I’ll do everything I can to get these out to you as soon as possible. I have 13 spots left for SDRAM boards if you want to get in still.

I am also planning on offering these in kit form for those who want to save some money or just build yourself (or both!). I will be ordering all of the parts needed for all orders next week, plus extra, so I should be able to put a few of these together in 2-3 weeks. I’ll post them on the store tinkerplunk.myshopify.com and let everyone know. No preorders, direct sale only.

Reminder that you may cancel at any time for any reason if you decide you want a kit instead.

Thanks everyone!

Almost out of IO, Update

I have 9 IO board spots left and 22 SDRAM spots. Probably closing IO today, and SDRAM next week.

I ordered all the parts I need for the first half of orders, they should arrive next week (fast shipping is always worth it).

I am playing with the idea of including fans with the IO boards, I found some that work well and silently so far, and the price isn’t too bad. I will let everyone know how it goes.

I tested out the first few SDRAM boards I built for myself and for the trial run preorder I did. Came out with no errors at full speed for 2 minutes, but finished boards will run for a bit longer.

Ill start building and testing IO boards in earnest this weekend and continue trying to bring down build times. Thank you for your patience!

Capping Orders

I’ve been absolutely floored by the orders. I’m going to close them in order to keep lead times from being just completely unreasonable. I will close after I get 30 more IO and 40 more SDRAM orders, which could be a few more days or maybe weeks if everyone who wanted boards has gotten their orders in.

Just to repeat, all payments will be captured at 12PM EST on Monday, please let me know if you change your mind and want to cancel before then. If you want to cancel after that I can issue you a refund.

Buyers from Europe

I noticed I got a few orders with very high shipping costs, going to Europe. I just wanted to let everyone know that there are several options for sellers located in Europe (especially the different RAM boards) so look over those options and you should be able to save a bit on shipping. At this point you’ll also likely get your board sooner as well.

Thread with sellers is here.

Payment updates and ETA

Hello, thank you to everyone who has ordered so far, I have a few updates.

Shopify Payments, the app I am using to accept payment, only allows me to authorize payments for 7 days before they expire and I would have to send out invoices to everyone. So here is what I’m going to do.

On Monday at or around 12PM EST (I’ll post before I do this) I will capture all payments and switch all future orders over to automatic acceptance of payments.

If you’d like to cancel your order to place later please let me know before then.

You can cancel at any time before or after this and I will refund the order, just contact me via the contact sheet with your order number.

Order ETAs

Here is a rough timeline for orders:

1004-1024 – 4 weeks
1025-1050 – 6 weeks
And 1051+ – 8 weeks +

But it could come down but I’m trying to be conservative. If you’d like to order later or order from someone else during this time just let me know and I can cancel your order and refund you.

I placed an order for 50 IO boards and parts and 40 SDRAM boards, which should be enough to cover a good chunk of the orders, but it will take me some time to build and test them all.

I’ve also ordered some stencils and am looking into a reflow oven to help speed things up.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you have any questions.

Capturing a few more

I need to capture 6 more payments (1018-1024) to place this next order since I want to secure the parts before things go out of stock. I’ll capture them in the morning (about 8 hours from now) but just wanted to keep people updated.


First Round Payments Captured


Thank you for your excitement and overwhelming support! I am about to capture payments for orders #1004 – #1018. I will then place the order for all needed parts. Payments for orders #1019 – #1033 will be captured next week and the process begins again. I expect to have the first round of orders done by the first weekend in November, but I will post updates as I go in case anything changes. Again thank you for your support. Let me know if you change your mind at any point and I’ll refund you. I am planning to offer kits in the future too (non-preorder) so keep an eye out! Again, thank you!

MiSTer Add-ons Presale/orders Open

Go to tinkerplunk.myshopify.com, add the items to your cart, and checkout.

Use code 5OFF to get $5 off orders over $50.

IO board is fully populated and includes a heatsink for the nano, currently does not include fan. Any 2 pin 5v 40mm fan will work. I’m working on sourcing some fans and will have them as a separate item as some users will want to splurge on the fan and get a noctua or similar.

Refer to the MiSTer Github for more information about the boards.

I will capture payments for the first 10-15 orders so that I can purchase boards. Everyone after that will have their payment authorized but not charged. I will charge when I am ready to place the next order and will post the order numbers I am about to charge at least 24 hours in advance, both here and on Twitter.

Cancel at any time, just let me know. Eta will be 2 weeks for the first few orders, and 4 weeks or more after that.

Returns/exchanges just pay return shipping, no questions asked.

Direct any questions to me via the contact page or by message on Twitter @tinkerplunk.


MiSTer Add-on Presale/order

I successfully built the first I/O board, and am working on building out the first set. In order to fund future orders, I’m going to open up preorders for the XS RAM and 5.5 IO boards.

Here’s how it will work. I’ll take preorders, but your payment won’t be charged. Just add the items to your cart and checkout. I will then capture payments for 10-15 orders at a time, order parts, build, test, ship, then start over again. I’ll be able to increase the amount of orders at a time as I get supplies like stencils in.

The preorders will be open to the members of the Smokemonster Discord for a few hours, then open to the general public this evening at 6 PM EST. I’ll make another blog post when this happens.

Depending on how the XS RAM builds go, I might switch to the vertical version. This adds a little bit of height, but if I switch to this I’ll make it cheaper due to the saved time.

Feel free to cancel your order any time before I capture payments, I will try to send out emails in advance before this happens. I’m not sure if Shopify has this built in, but if not just email me with the contact form and I will cancel it for you. If you’d like to cancel after I capture your payment, let me know and I will refund you.

I will accept returns/exchanges up to 2 weeks after you receive the board, just pay return shipping, no questions asked.

I will work through these as quickly as I can, but expect a lead time of 2 weeks after I capture your payment. I’ll update if I can reduce this time or if something comes up. If you have any questions, use the contact form or hit me up on Twitter (@tinkerplunk).

Go to tinkerplunk.myshopify.com to order (currently locked).