New Project Logs Incoming

Hey! Check out my new project logs of what I’m working on right now. The Lightgunverter build is still in progress, and the NESRGB, 2600RGB, and Spongebob RGB logs have been completed but not written up yet; expect info there soon.

TOSLINK Switch for gscartsw_lite

I designed this board to fit over 2 of the screw posts on the gscartsw_lite, and be connected by an 8 pin header cable (working on an easy way to make this). This will listen to the gscartsw_lite and switch to the input that it is on.

Untested, but I may try to build a few soon.






I’ll be finishing all open orders this weekend. I have parts for one more GCDual component cable, after that I will need to order boards and capacitors so after the last one is gone the next order will take a few weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patience.