Need to connect a console or switch to a PVM or other BNC device? I have a few female SCART to BNC cables available, and I can make male SCART versions on demand. Coming soon will be versions with LM1881 sync strippers.

Cables are 2-3 feet in length and cost $35 ($30 +$5 shipping). Fill out the form and I will send you an invoice.

Please specify SCART gender, if you need EuroSCART or JP21, and the directionality of the cable. Input=signal goes in the SCART and out the BNC (Toro, gscartsw, SCART cables from consoles), Output=signal goes in the BNC and out the SCART (Extron devices, etc.). All Output devices will have a resistor on the sync line to attenuate TTL sync from most Extron devices, please indicate if you don’t want this.

Female SCART to BNC