Super SD System 3 Cables

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the SSDS3’s RGB circuit, some may want to use an RGB solution inside the system connected to it. However, the audio still needs to come from the SSDS3 if you want CD audio. If there is anyone interested, I can make a cable with a 9 pin pigtail to plug into the SSDS3, or I can add RCA jacks to your SCART cable that you can use with a standard MD2 composite video cable (make sure it is correctly wired).

Please specify your video connector type and if you want a new cable or will be sending in your own. Service is $10 plus shipping for a cable you provide and $32 for a new cable. Cable is 5ft. Please detail the pinout of your mod, if you have it, in the comments, otherwise standard pinouts will be used.

After some feedback, all cables from me will have a 9 pin pigtail for audio rather than female RCA jacks for simplicity/convenience. I’ve also switched to using premade genesis 2 composite video cable for the 9 pin pigtail rather than a solder-type connector as the connector is too thick for the SSDS3. Edit: I have new solder 9 pin connectors from so I will be using those.

This version uses multicore coax; fully shielded!

CLOSED I’m not accepting new orders of these cables, they are just too much effort to make.