TG16/PC Engine/Duo Mods

My Work

PC Engine Duo R with full capacitor replacement, mod switch install (including damaged pin repair) and RGB mod install after removal of doujindance install.

RGB Mods

I have experience with installing RGB mods in PC engine, Core Grafx, Turbo Grafx16, and Duo consoles, as well as the IFU30 briefcase unit for PC engine. If you would like me to mod your system, you can either buy the board from your source of choice, or I will order the board when you place the order with me. Prices below include the price of the board/parts. I can also remove doujindance mods if you are unlucky enough to have one, for an extra charge. I have tested and used both of the listed RGB boards and they are both great quality. Voultar’s board includes on board C-sync buffering and attenuation so if you want C-sync, go with that one.

Turnaround time is 1 week, subject to change.

Available Versions

Mickcris Board


If this board is out of stock it can also be ordered from this thread:

Voultar Board


Region Mods


This is the version for Duo systems, but can be used on others in a pinch.


This version is for TG16, currently out of stock.